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Top 10 Popular Products
  1. Whistle with wrist cord
    Eastport 100% cotton 50 x 70 cm towel Available from pieces Printing in max. 4 colors Best price
    4.68 €
  2. Whistle with wrist cord
    Sports towel (40 x 80cm) Available from pieces Printing in max. 4 colors Best price
    2.69 €
  3. Whistle with wrist cord
    Alpha fitness towel Available from pieces Printing in max. 4 colors Best price
    1.5 €

Wholesale Towels

Design your own towels at Loopper, we have a variety of promotional towels ready to be embroidered with your logo. Whether you are looking to create custom towels for your gym, or soft high quality towels for your wellness place, Loopper has a selection of towels. Our wholesale towels are available in several different colors. Loopper also offers custom sports towels, made especially to accompany people to the gym or on a run. They are made to absorb water very fast and efficiently and, most of all, they are delivered in a carrying pouch, so it is easy to take them with you. Order your wholesale towels in bulk now and receive a free digital sample before we start production.

Hotel Towels Wholesale

If you are a hotel or B&B manager, part of your brand’s image also depends on the supplies people can find in the rooms: you can customize them with the hotel’s name or logo, making your customers feeling as they are in a place that can offer them a serious and professional service. Because of this, the certainly recommend your hotel to friends and relatives. We grouped all our luxurious and hotel towels in one category, in order ease your research. Contact us and you will receive a free digital preview of your custom towels in a few hours.

Wholesale Gym Towels

Are you running a gym or your sport club is looking for a new towels’ supply? You are in the right place! On this page you can find several models of gym towels and most of them also include a case to easily carrying them. You can customize them as you wish, by printing or embroidering the gym’s name or your team’s logo. Order them or request a quote, in both cases you will receive a digital preview of how your branded sports towels will look.

Digital Mock-Ups Of Towels

At Loopper we want to give clients exactly what they ask. To do so, we send them a digital mockup of the wholesale towels they requested in a very short time. By doing so, the client can understand how the products will look like and see if there are any changes to be made before we start manufacturing them.

Wholesale Towels’ Delivery

Every product has its own delivery time, this is always mentioned on the product page. Are you working with a deadline? Let us know, we can arrange a fast delivery if you need it. We pride ourselves in working hard to meet every deadline. For more information on your specific delivery times, ask your account manager.