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Branded face mask items

Protective face equipment has received a lot attention due to the coronavirus. In some countries Coronavirus face masks are mandatory. This is creating new opportunities of getting your brand message out there. Either print your brand logo or a slogan on a branded custom-made face mask or promote your company by printing a logo on a face mask strap. We offer masks for coronavirus, a set of 3 masks in a gifts box and more. Have a look at the possibilities below or call us for more information.

The personalised mask- a good gift?

A few months ago, people would have called you insane if you said that people would wear masks and mouth-covers wherever they went. Yet they are now an integral part of the streetscape. In public transport, in a shop or just on the street, you see them everywhere and everyone wears them. Corona has changed the world in a short time, and you will have undoubtedly been confronted with that too. But as the saying goes, ‘when one door closes, another one opens.’ In the same way, the mask culture can actually help you.

How does the personalised mask help?

Ask yourself the following question: how many masks do I see in a day? The answer can vary greatly from person to person, but it is rarely zero. This is exactly where the personalised mask comes into play: imagine if some of these masks had your company colours, company name or logo on them. Hundreds of people would see them every day while travelling and commuting. Your visibility would increase enormously, especially when you consider that masks are worn in the busiest places. What's more, your company would be associated with health and safety, just like the masks themselves. It is therefore certainly a good idea for your company to have personalised masks printed.

Properties of the masks

The masks are available in different materials, including cotton, polyester and space cotton. These are all reusable and can be washed in the washing machine. They can also be completely printed and customized according to your wishes.

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