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Personalised knitted winter hats 

Knitted winter hats have been around for ages and are classic items that you can find in almost any household. They are the perfect item to give away for those chilly days in the colder seasons. Moreover, they are great welcome or Christmas gifts for your employees. Think about how all your employees will be promoting your company while wearing your personalised knitted winter hats on a daily basis. Do you have an outside event coming up that you are attending with all your colleagues? How awesome would it be if you all wore the same personalised knitted winter hats? If you are not sure which product suits your project the best, then let us help you pick one! Get in touch, and we can send you a free offer and mockup in no time.

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Custom knitted winter hats 

When you’re looking to surprise business partners, colleagues, or even clients with a meaningful gift during the winter season, nothing says thoughtfulness quite like custom knitted winter hats. Not only are they practical gifts that can provide protection against harsh winds and cold temperatures, but they also offer a unique way to showcase your company's logo or design in style. Once you’ve chosen the perfect hat, decide how you want it customised. Consider adding your company logo or slogan to give it a more personal touch. Additionally, if you’re gifting to clients or business relations, think about having their names embroidered on the hat as well. Doing this not only allows recipients to show off their new gifts but also gives them an easy way of identifying whose is whose at events or conferences. Finally, think carefully about colours and styles in order to find those that best suit each recipient’s tastes and preferences. There are plenty of timeless neutrals available such as black, gray and navy blue which can be dressed up or down depending on their use. Other popular choices include brightly colored hues like red or yellow for more daring fashion statements. Are you unsure of which custom knitted winter hats you should choose? That’s what we are here for! Just give us a call, and we will help you find the perfect one. 

Branded knitted winter hats 

Ordering branded knitted winter hats from Loopper is a great way for your company to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to staying in style. Knitted hats are a classic fashion choice that can be customised to meet any business's branding requirements. Sublimation printing, which uses heat-transferred images to create a smooth, durable surface that lasts, is one of the most popular trends. Alternatively, for companies looking to make an even bolder statement, embroidery has long been used as an effective way to stand out. Embroidery provides a high level of detail and colour accuracy which makes logos and text really pop, in turn becoming more memorable to customers. By opting for embroidery, you can add intricate details such as 3D effects. With the help of Loopper, your branded knitted winter hats will look like a million bucks! And with prices starting as low as 5,02 euro per piece, we call that a deal! Do you have any questions about the printing process? Get in touch, and we will be more than happy to answer them! You can reach us any work day during office hours.

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