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Custom wholesale nurse watches

Nurses are not allowed to were your average watch because of hygiene issues, that?s why there are special custom made nurses watches that attach to your belt or jeans. Although we do not offer many nurses watches, we can guarantee quality over quantity. Order your custom wholesale nurse watch with printed logo at Loopper and be sure to enjoy this product. We always offer a free mock-up whether you only enquire or place an order. We want to ensure you receive the perfect product.

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How to choose a custom wholesale nurse watch

How to attach the watch

The first thing you should check before buying a branded nurse watch is how you can attach it. Does it allow you to attach it to a pair of jeans, via a pin for example, or do you have to attach it with a clip, which may cause it to fall off when you are on the move. This is therefore one of the most important elements in the choice of this type of watch.

The associated colour

The colour is also an element to take into account. There is a high probability that you or your staff will be wearing white clothing, so having a white nurse pendant watch will be a simple way to blend in with the tone of the facility you are working in.

The personalised nurse watch

Customisation is another point to take into account. If you have to buy watches for your teams, it would be wise for each person to have a watch that has the logo or name of the establishment on it. This not only to display a more professional look, but also to prevent theft for example.

Quality of the custom nurse watches

A customisable nurse's watch must be of high quality, as people working in this sector are very often forced to run or make fast movements in case of emergency. It is therefore important that the pendant watch you choose is resistant, so it lasts a while.


Being the primary purpose of a watch, you should make sure that the watch you buy is clearly legible, so you don't lose time when you work. The hand option is therefore the best option, thus avoiding the reading errors that digital watches can bring.

What is the life expectancy of branded nurse watches?

Just like a normal watch, the lifespan of nurse watches can be very long depending on the product you choose. Our nurse watch, for example, is particularly resistant, which will ensure an extremely long life and will allow you to stop worrying about what you are doing for fear of damaging it.

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