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Wholesale custom folding umbrellas

We've all experienced it, the dreadful moment you realize you forgot your umbrella and risk getting soaked, by only walking to your car. You can help your employees, clients, customers and yourself out by buying these wholesale folding umbrella's. They are easy to take anywhere and protect you from light to heavy rainfall. Order your personalized umbrella's at Loopper directly online or make a request. Either way we will always offer you a free digital sample, to make sure you receive exactly what you had in mind.

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The advantages of wholesale custom folding umbrellas

When you live in a rainy region, there is always a dilemma that persists: should you rely on luck, not take a large umbrella and hope that it doesn't rain, or should you carry a large umbrella all day at the risk of forgetting or losing it?

You can now offer your customers the solution by giving them a branded folding umbrella. With this type of promotional product there is no need to choose anymore, as this small foldable umbrella can be easily stored in a small bag, can be kept around the wrist without any problem or can even fit in a pocket.

Offering a personalised folding umbrella to your clients, partners or colleagues will ensure you huge visibility when the rainy days arrive and will not only allow the people who use them to remember you, but also to advertise for you.

One of the big advantages of offering a customised folding umbrella is also its cost, which is adapted to all budgets. You can buy very simple folding umbrellas as well as more technical umbrellas.

What types of branded folding umbrellas are available?

Whether you are looking for a simple promotional umbrella to maximize your budget or you want to stand out with a more advanced product, you will find what you need amongst our promotional umbrellas.

The manual folding umbrella

Both compact and large, this folding umbrella will be your best ally if you are looking for a promotional umbrella at an interesting price. You will be able to display your logo on the umbrella in the colour of your choosing.

The 3 section folding umbrella

This 3 section folding umbrella is a step above the traditional umbrella. The advantage of this promotional product is that it is more resistant to wind and prevents it from turning over and getting damaged in case of a storm.

The automatic folding umbrella 3 sections

If you want the Rolls Royce of promotional folding umbrellas, this automatic umbrella with your logo is the product you are looking for. With one easy press, the umbrella will automatically unfold.

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