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Large custom umbrellas in bulk


Sharing an umbrella always seems like a good idea, but you end up squeezing yourself together to not catch any rain. Romantic if it is your partner, not so romantic if it is a colleague or friend. With these large wholesale umbrellas you will never have a problem avoiding the rain anymore. You can easily share, or just be really sure you get to work or home completely dry. Promotional umbrellas are the perfect product to spread your brand awareness. Order direct online or make a request, we will always be happy to help you.

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The advantages of large umbrellas in bulk for your advertisements

Good advertising has no limits. Whether the weather is sunny, rainy, windy or snowy, it is always possible to stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition by displaying your logo or company name. Whether it's by playing with colours or personalisation, the umbrella remains on top. That's exactly what Loopper presents, by offering large umbrellas in bulk that will give you the opportunity to stand out even when it rains. By displaying your logo on a large umbrella, you are sure to not go unnoticed and you will catch the eye quickly.

Furthermore, if you are thinking of giving a promotional umbrella as a gift to your clients or prospects, you are sure to you give something practical. Imagine that every time the rain starts pouring down, your customers or prospective customers think of you... (in a positive way) that is possible with a branded umbrella.

What types of promotional umbrellas are available?

You can choose between different types of customisable umbrellas to find the one that best suits your brand.

The automatic umbrella

If you like practical products, the personalised automatic umbrella is what you need. Simple to use and of high quality, they will be perfect for your most loyal customers.

The manual umbrella

Simple, effective and cheap, this promotional umbrella is ideal if you want to launch a large-scale communication operation. You will be able to display your logo everywhere by distributing this promotional umbrella.

The reversible storm umbrella

You want the best of the best? Then you should choose the reversible storm umbrella, customised with your logo. If you are in an area that is known for its windiness, it is important to have an umbrella that holds up. This will allow your customers or partners to associate the image of the gift you have offered with that of your company. In other words, you will clearly display the quality of your services or products.

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