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High quality custom umbrellas in bulk

Are you looking for that special umbrella, our high quality umbrellas in bulk are the perfect choice. We offer umbrellas with lightsabre handle or custom umbrella?s made from the best materials. With these personalised high quality umbrella?s you will be sure they will last a long time. Print your logo on one of these high quality umbrellas, this way you will enjoy the ease of spreading brand awareness through promotional gifts even longer than usual. With every order or request we will design a free digital sample, so no need to worry about the end product, it will always be as you wish.

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What are the advantages of high quality custom umbrellas in bulk?

When you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors you can bet on different colours, but you can also offer a better product. Loopper offers a branded premium umbrella for every need, so you can display your company name or logo with pride on a high quality product.

A premium umbrella offers you better materials by default, but also a better finish, such as the handles, which will look much better than traditional umbrellas. You will therefore have a solid and better working umbrella at your disposal.

A top-of-the-range customisable promotional umbrella is also interesting for the image you will project to your customers. We all tend to associate an advertising medium with the quality of the products or the brand it carries. Therefore, displaying your company name or logo on an umbrella that has been created to stand out from the crowd will allow you to display the quality level of your products as well.

Why are high-end customisable umbrellas stronger?

The very nature of the manufacturing of these promotional umbrellas makes them much stronger. Firstly, the ribs are more flexible and will withstand high winds more easily and for longer periods of time, saving you from an umbrella that flips over and breaks. You therefore have a promotional product in your hands that is made to last longer.

Secondly, the fabric used to protect you from the rain is also more resistant and, depending on the model you choose, can have a double layer, ensuring even stronger waterproofing.

You should also not forget the technicality of these top-of-the-range customisable umbrellas, which can at times be automatic, reversible, or extendable, allowing you to have one more person at your side when you need it.

Weight is also a strong consideration, because when you consider that you have to carry your umbrella with you all day long, having a lighter product is always more interesting.

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