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Personalised promotional sunglasses 

Are you planning on spreading your brand awareness during the festival season? Then personalised promotional sunglasses are the product you are looking for. Personalised promotional sunglasses are perfect to hand out at events during the warmer months of the year, or leading up to the summer. Almost everyone has one of these promotional sunglasses personalised laying around, ready to reuse when the sun comes back out. We offer a wide selection of promotional sunglasses, ready to be branded with your logo. Order now and receive a free digital sample!

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Custom promotional sunglasses 

Sunglasses are obviously worn more in the summer, but that doesn't necessarily mean that August is the best time of the year to distribute them! In the south of France for instance, the sun shines all year round, and further north it is not uncommon to see people wearing sunglasses from March to November. Even in wintertime in ski resorts, custom promotional sunglasses can be of great service to the unwary, who have forgotten that when the sun shines on the snow, the brightness can be disturbing. Can you imagine, all the customers on the terrace of a high-altitude restaurant in a big resort, wearing your custom promotional sunglasses? In the end, the summer is the most obvious season to offer customised promotional sunglasses. However, sometimes the other seasons can also be great opportunities to stand out and gain visibility, as long as you target your clientele well.

Branded promotional sunglasses 

Of course, our branded promotional sunglasses respect all the European standards! The printing on the branded promotional sunglasses does not change the quality of the product, and all the items we customise can be legally marketed in Europe. There is no need to worry. We offer you many models of differing quality and level of protection according to your needs. We have "simple" models at affordable prices, but also models from major brands offering category 3 UV protection, which come with their own case. Promotional sunglasses branded with your logo will be highly appreciated by your customers, and they will not hesitate to wear them in all circumstances. At the end of the day, a customer proud to wear your logo and colours, and to promote your brand to his or her circle of friends, is certainly the best brand ambassador there is! So, begin your order today!

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