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Personalised stress balls 

Let’s bring a stop to those stressful moments with a stress ball! It has been scientifically proven that squeezing one of these fellas helps reduce stress. It is that easy! Whether you are looking for traditional personalised stress balls, or humorous personalised stress balls, we have what you are looking for. Our stress balls personalised with your logo are available in bulk or in smaller batches. Order directly here or request an offer, and you will receive a free digital sample to get an idea of what the final result will look like.
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Custom stress balls 

Even when you love your job, and even when the atmosphere at the office is great, there are always moments that are quite stressful. A power outage just when you were about to save a file, a Windows update that takes hours, your favourite pen falling behind the photocopier... How can we tackle these moments? By letting off some steam with custom stress balls! There is nothing like one of these little foam balls to help you relax, as scientific studies have shown. If on top of that, this ball contains a humorous message, or a picture that makes you smile, it's a good bet that the frustration will pass quickly. So, to make your employees smile again, don't hesitate to offer them custom stress balls from Loopper! This is the kind of fun and useful promotional goodie that everyone likes, and it will give your company a stress-free image.

Branded stress balls 

Well-being at work is a subject that has gained importance since the beginning of the 21st century, and it has become an important criterion when evaluating a company today. It's quite simple: the best workers prefer to work in a serious but relaxed environment in which they can flourish. Studies show that the majority of employees prefer a slightly lower salary, but a more pleasant working environment. Not to mention the fact that stress is a major cause of illness, which can lead to long and costly work stoppages for the company. Are branded stress balls the solution to all workplace wellness problems? Obviously not. However, it's a small detail that everyone notices, and in the end, it's the sum of all those little details that define the atmosphere in a workplace. And it is this atmosphere that makes the best workers not want to seek work elsewhere, even if the competition promises them the world. So, give your employees some branded stress balls. They will appreciate the attention to detail!

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