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Personalised Tacx sports bottles

Tacx sports bottles are simply the best of the best. They are an excellent gift for everyone, but they are an especially great promotional product for clients and employees that live an active lifestyle. Tacx sports bottles in bulk give you a lot of options: from an infuser bottle to a biodegradable water bottle, there are a wide range of models for you to choose from. All of them are of high quality and can be personalised with your logo. Your needs are guaranteed to be met with the Tacx water bottles.

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Why are customisable Tacx sports bottles a good promotional product?

People have become more aware of the importance of a healthy and active life in the recent years, and they have adjusted their patterns and activities accordingly. Working out is no longer only reserved for athletes; nearly everyone is doing something to stay fit.

This offers you an opportunity, as every athlete has one accessory they can not live without: reusable water bottles. And if you decide to go the promotional water bottle route, then there are almost no better sports bottle than the ones Tacx produces.

The sports bottles by Tacx are amongst the best money can buy, even though they are not the most expensive bottles around. There are a wide number of Tacx water bottles available, that can all be personalised with your logo. These bottles each have their own distinct characteristics that set them apart from the other models.

What are some of the Tacx water bottles that can be customised?

The regular models of the Shiva and Shanti  

The Shiva and Shanti are the most popular and basic models that Tacx has on offer. They are available in 500 and 750 ml variations, and they are bestsellers for a reason: an ergonomic and timeless design, a removable spout and a large printing area. In short, you can’t go wrong with these.

The BIO models

As the name suggests, the distinguishing factor of the BIO models is that they are biodegradable. They are either completely or 75% biodegradable, which means the bottle will (completely or partly) decompose within 5 years when it is thrown out.

Tacx sports bottles with your logo printed on them will be a guaranteed success, so have a look at the other models that are available.

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