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Custom solar power banks

At Loopper we strongly support sustainability and products that offer great advantages for the environment. One of our sustainable product groups are custom solar power banks. Imagine being able to charge your phone just because the sun is shining. With these power banks that becomes reality. Especially for festivals or holidays these power banks are perfect products. Next to making people happy with this handy device, you also expose your brand to a big public. Brand these solar power banks with your logo and experience a growing brand awareness.

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Custom solar power banks – useful for all your employees

Here is a customisable gift that no one would have thought of five years ago and which is incredibly sought after today. With smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers and all electronic devices that need to be constantly recharged, the demand for power banks has grown exponentially in recent years.

To take advantage of this trend, consider the personalised solar power bank. It offers nothing but advantages, charging itself in the light and allowing you to bring back to life a precious smartphone whose battery ran out just when you were about to make a great selfie that was going to be all the rage on social networks!

It's quite simple, people are using these customisable external power banks all the time since they are extremely practical. You can be absolutely certain that the battery branded with your company logo will not end up in a drawer to collect dust, but will be used daily by your employees, who will thank you every time they need to recharge their phone!

Which solar-powered battery should I choose?

We can distinguish three types of external batteries, depending on their charging capacity and the use that can be made of them. Without going into technical details, here are some indications to choose the right power.

Low-capacity external batteries (less than 2000 mA h) are so-called back-up batteries that can give new life to a gadget that has reached 0% charge. They have the advantage of being smaller, lighter, and they are sought after by those who are active all day long.

Medium power banks (3000 mAh - 4000 mAh) allow you to recharge one Smartphone, or even two. They are useful for those who go away for the weekend or for a long car trip and don't really have the possibility to connect to the main electricity network.

High-capacity batteries (8000 mAh - 10,000 mAh) can charge several devices. Because they are solar powered, they recharge themselves quickly and can therefore be used to recharge devices several times over. You will have understood what power banks are about now; they are useful for those who are away from civilization for a while! It is the preferred choice for hikers, mountaineers, sailors and other adventurers who need a reliable portable source of energy.

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