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BIC pens with logo

BIC pens with logo are a great promotional gift. BIC pens are world famous and it’s not without surprise millions of BIC products are sold every day. Our extensive selection of custom BIC pens consists of the famous BIC M10 ballpoint pen and various other models which offer no less than 2 kilometers of writing pleasure. Take a look at our extensive range of BIC pens and order them easily online. A digital printing sample on scale will be made in the colors you specify. It’s without obligation and don't forget: free of charge!
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The differences between different BIC pens with logo

The BIC brand not only makes pens at low prices, it also offers a wide range of products that are very different from each other.

The BIC® M10® Clic

The BIC® M10® Clic pen is one of the BIC brand's must-haves. A retractable ballpoint pen, it will allow you to maximize your visibility at a lower cost.

The BIC® Matic® Ecolutions® pencil is a very precise customisable mechanical pencil, which is very useful for people who make drawings, such as architects, designers, students etc...

The BIC 4 colour pen

The flagship product that everyone knows and that you've probably used at least once in your life, the BIC 4 colour pen allows you to combine 4 different colours in one pen, saving you time and money.

It is now available in different versions to suit your tastes or those of your partners. For example, you have the BIC® 4 Colours Shine ballpoint pen which offers you a brilliant colour on the pen shell, or the BIC® 4 Colours Fashion ballpoint pen, which mixes colours and shapes to give a more impactful visual effect.

The BIC® Roller Glide® PRO

Looking for a custom BIC pen that offers you writing comfort while ensuring the most competitive price? Then this option should be right for you. Perfect to be offered to your partners, this cheap, personalised pen combines beautiful aesthetics with top-of-the-line writing quality via its Rollerball system with fluid writing.

The BIC® Ballpoint pen

BIC's simplest pen, and also the best-selling pen in terms of value for money, it will fit any company.

What is the lifespan of BIC customised pens?

The BIC pen is world-renowned for its very long lifespan of up to 2 kilometres of writing. You are therefore sure to have a promotional product that will not disappoint your teams or the partners to whom you offer them.

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