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Personalised A4 notebooks

A small tour through our office showed that almost everyone still uses notebooks. Especially our designers indicated that they use their notebook every day to make a first sketch, for example. They also said that during brainstorm sessions with other designers, they always discussed their ideas first by drawing a short example on a piece of A4 paper. Do you have such a design agency and do you want to give all your employees a notebook with your logo or company name? Have A4 notebooks printed by Loopper. We have special notebooks for designers that are not lined, so you can easily make drawings and sketches in them. Want to know what other A4 notebooks you can get your logo printed on at Loopper? Then give one of our account managers a call!
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Custom A4 notebooks 

When you want to gift custom A4 notebooks to other companies, business relations or staff/colleagues, there are a few things you should take into account. Firstly, consider your budget and how many customised notebooks you want to gift. Secondly, decide on the design of the notebook - do you want it to be branded with your company logo? Or perhaps you have a company slogan in mind that will appeal to your recipients. Thirdly, think about the quality of the paper and binding - you'll want to choose a custom notebook that is well-made and will last for years. Finally, don't forget to include a personal message inside the cover - this is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for your recipient's business. If you are not sure if this option is available for the specific notebook you have in mind, feel free to contact us and you will be assigned a personal account manager to answer all of your questions!

Branded A4 notebooks 

Despite the explosion of tablets, smartphones, digital reminders, the vast majority of professionals still use the good old paper notepad to make a to-do list, take notes, or simply make beautiful abstract artwork during a long meeting. The branded A4 notebooks are certainly the most widely used of all formats. It is the size of a standard sheet of paper, and can therefore be easily stored among documents. While it is less convenient to carry around (it is far too big to fit in a pocket or handbag), it is also much more pleasant to write in and remains a worker's favourite. An A4 notebook branded with your company's name on it is a great way to show that you understand the real needs of your employees and customers. If you also choose an elegant format that combines usefulness with pleasure, everyone who receives A4 notebooks branded with your company logo will be grateful.

Printed A4 notebooks 

Do you want to give away printed A4 notebooks as business gifts or promotional material? Then you can really make a splash by choosing to print in full colour. We have a number of options in our range, many of which you can print the cover and each page in full colour, according to your own design. You can make your logo or company name stand out even more and increase the visibility of your brand! Besides increasing the visibility of your company name, you are also giving away something useful that makes people smile!

A4 notebooks with logo  

A4 notebooks with logo are often used by designers to make sketches. Due to the relatively large size, it’s easy to put ideas down on paper. If you have put a lot of work into making your sketches, you obviously want them to be well protected. At Loopper, we therefore have a number of options with extra strong covers so that your work is not damaged. You can choose from a hardcover, PU cover or even a completely waterproof cover. You will be able to protect your work against the weather, as well as that coffee or tea you keep spilling!

Wholesale A4 notebooks 

A4 notebooks are one of the most popular wholesale items that we sell here at Loopper. We offer wholesale discounts on A4 notebooks to companies and company owners who want to purchase them in bulk. There are many benefits to purchasing wholesale A4 notebooks; you can save money by buying in bulk, you can customise the A4 notebooks with your company logo, you can get a wide variety of colours and styles of A4 notebooks wholesale. Overall, buying wholesale A4 notebooks is a great way to promote your company or brand. The print process for customised wholesale A4 notebooks is very fast and easy. We use high quality printing machines and inks to print your company logo or text onto the A4 notebooks. The process is quick, so you will be able to see your wholesale order of A4 notebooks in no time. But before we start this, we always send you a digital sample for your approval. This way, you will know exactly what the final product will look like without any surprises!

Promotional A4 notebooks 

The A4 format is the most common standard. It is the "normal" sheet size of the printer, the one used for all reports, memos and official documents. This A4 format is often referred to as 21-29-7, which corresponds to its dimensions in centimetres: 21 centimetres wide by 29.7 centimetres high. Please note that when we talk about promotional A4 notebooks, we are talking about the size of the sheets inside the notebook. The notebook itself may have a slightly larger cover and a thicker binding. For example, some of our A4 notebooks for promotional use come with a pen holder in the cover, a spiral binding, and a PP hard cover. This all results in a total dimension of 24 centimetres wide by 30 centimetres high.

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