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A6 notebooks in bulk

A6 is the perfect size for business people that are on the move from meeting to meeting. A6 means it has the size of half an A5, just the right size to carry with you. We offer cheap A6 notebooks but also high quality Moleskine notebooks. Have your A6 notebooks branded with your logo to give to your employees so they are prepared for every occasion. Order enough, because they are finished before you know it. Order now and receive a free digital sample within one hour.

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How to choose personalised A6 notebooks in bulk?

The personalised A6 notebook is one of the most used, especially by companies that need to quickly take notes in order to best satisfy the needs of their customers, for people holding meetings often or people that are on the road a lot. In order to accompany you on a daily basis and to offer you the best tools, we propose you choose the A6 notebook branded with your logo, which can reflect your company through the personalisation.

The quality of the notebook

The quality of your A6 notebook is important, knowing that it will carry important information for your company and your customers. For this, you can opt for a notebook made of moleskin, being of superior quality, allowing you to better protect the paper and therefore last longer.

Printing quality

Whether it's for your employees or your customers, you can't afford to have a branded notebook where the colours are bland or poorly printed. Like your logo, your website or your business card, branding remains a crucial element, even on your custom notebook.


Everyone is different and that's why your printed notebook must be able to reflect your values. If you are one of the companies that promote ecology and recycling, you should also be able to implement this practice when you buy your A6 notebook. There is an option perfectly suited to this need, which is the notebook made of recycled paper. This will also show the values of your company if you distribute this customised notebook to your customers.

Special notebooks

Some companies only need simple notebooks with a logo, while others want more complex ones, especially for companies doing quotes or accounting, with an integrated calculator for example.

What are the dimensions of an A6 notebook?

An A6 notebook has a size of 10.5 x 14.8 cm, or 105 x 148 mm, which is half the size of an A5 notebook.

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