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A4 notebooks in bulk

A personalized notebook is a great way to promote brand recognition and reach no and pre-existing target groups. Have you personalised A4 notebooks branded with your company logo, name or message. Perfect for taking notes during meetings, at home and school, these notebooks are classic promotional gifts that are always appreciated by clients. Personalised A4 notebooks are perfect give away items for expos and conferences and can be used in every sector. Available in bulk or in limited quantities, Loopper has everything you need.

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How do you choose a personalised A4 notepad?

Despite the explosion of tablets, smartphones, electronic notepads and digital reminders, the vast majority of professionals still use the good old paper notepad to make a to-do list, take notes, or simply make beautiful abstract artwork during a long meeting.

The A4 notebooks in bulk are certainly the most widely used of all formats. It is the size of a standard sheet of paper, and can therefore be easily stored among documents. While it is less convenient to carry around (it is far too big to fit in a pocket or handbag), it is also much more pleasant to write in and remains a worker's favourite.

A personalised notepad with your company's name on it is a good way to show that you understand the real needs of your employees and customers. If you also choose an elegant format that combines the useful with the pleasurable, everyone who receives a branded A4 notebook with your company logo will be grateful.

What are the dimensions of an A4 notebook?

The A4 format is the most common standard. It is the "normal" sheet size of the printer, the one used for all reports, memo, official documents...

This A4 format is often referred to as 21-29-7, which corresponds to its dimensions in centimetres: 21 centimetres wide by 29.7 centimetres high.

Please note that when we talk about a personalised A4 notebook, we are talking about the size of the sheets inside the notebook. The notebook itself, which may have a slightly larger cover and a thicker binding, is usually a little larger.

For example, personalized 4A notebooks with a pen holder in the cover, a spiral binding, and a PP hard cover have a total dimension of 24 centimetres wide by 30 centimetres high (and are 13 millimetres thick).

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