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Custom travel mugs

A travel mug is a great way to keep your beverages hot whilst on the go. Whether you?re on the way to a morning meeting or just need a little midday pick me up and a caf? is out of reach, a travel mug is a worker?s best friend. We offer travel mugs made with different materials depending on your type and ounce requirements. Get your travel mugs branded with your logo so your clients never forget who provided them with their handy gift.

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How do you choose the right custom travel mug?

The advantage of the isothermal mug is that it keeps coffee, tea or hot chocolate at the desired temperature. Nobody wants a drink that is supposed to be warm when it is cold or vice versa!

It is this aspect more than any other that you must keep in mind when choosing the model of personalised isothermal mug that you will use to promote your brand. If you choose a thermal mug with superb design but which does not keep coffee at a decent temperature, you can be sure that this item will end up in a drawer at best. Your company will not benefit from any image benefits!

There is no such thing as a bad isothermal mug, but they may be unsuitable for the intended use. If the aim is to keep coffee hot in the cosy comfort of the office, the need is not the same as if you want to be able to enjoy a hot cup of tea even after several days of skiing in the middle of winter!

In the first case, simple branded mugs with a PP interior or ceramic mugs with a plastic lid are more than sufficient. Even if forgotten for an hour on the corner of the desk, the coffee will still be hot and drinkable.

If you want to store hot drinks for hours on end, even outside and in very cold weather, then you need a stainless-steel mug with vacuum insulation. This is the best technology there is and it allows mountaineers and polar explorers to keep drinks hot for up to 24 hours. If you want to see your company logo at the top of the Himalayas, this is the model you need.

Why is the personalised promotional mug an ideal gift for your employees?

A happy worker is a worker who has the opportunity to enjoy a good cup of coffee under good conditions. This is one of the many details that make office life more, or less pleasant.

It is therefore in your best interest to allow your employees to drink a good hot coffee while sitting comfortably at their desk. They enjoy it, and no longer need to get up every hour to fetch a new cup of coffee because the last one has cooled down.

It goes without saying that if the cup of which they drink such a good cup of coffee bears the name of the company, it reminds them all day long why they feel so good at work.

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