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Suitcases in bulk

Giving away suitcases to co-workers and clients is a quite impressive business gift. People who travel a lot will certainly appreciate it. In this section you will find our beste selection of suitcases, ready to be personalized with your logo. All the suitcases you see here are not suitable to be used as hand luggage on a plane. If you are looking for something smaller you should look at our trolleys' category. We sell suitcases in bulk and they are available in several shapes, sizes and colours. If you need assistance with picking the right product, let us know. We are here to help! Whenever you contact us, we will send you a free mock-up of he look your branded suitcases will have. 

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Personalised suitcases in bulk - an effective goodie for advertising all over the world

Do you, your employees or your customers travel often? Then think about offering them a branded suitcase in order to maximize your presence in public places. A promotional suitcase is useful not only for making your company, brand or product more known by displaying your logo wherever the suitcase is, but also for the person who will use it.

On our website, you can also find suitcases considered hand luggage when you fly, so you don't have to think about the size of it and leave with peace of mind.

What are the types of promotional suitcases available?

Our customisable business cases are available in many sizes, materials or colours to best suit your branding.


Whether you are looking for a customisable business case on wheels or simple hand luggage, you can choose from aluminum, EVA, leather, metal, nylon, plastic, polyester, PP, PVC and rubber as the materials. You can easily give a more upscale touch by choosing leather or lower the costs by choosing a branded plastic suitcase for example.

The type of shell

Depending on what you are going to put in your personalised suitcase, the type of shell can greatly influence your travel experience. That is why we offer rigid hulls, which will fully protect whatever is inside your hand luggage, but we also offer soft hulls to take whatever shape you want or need and adapt to smaller spaces.

In both cases, you will find wheels underneath your suitcase to help you move around without any problems.

The size of the customisable suitcase

You may wish to have a slightly larger suitcase, so we also offer different sizes to adapt to specific requests. This way you are sure to be able to use your case as you wish.

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