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Custom mouse pads

Custom mouse pads can be seen at almost every desk in the office. Why not make sure your company has uniform branded mouse pads to show clients and visitors your level of professionalism. At Loopper we offer wholesale mouse pads but also premium mouse pads with a luxurious feel. Print your logo on one of these promotional products and have them delivered to your door. With every order and enquiry we offer a free digital sample, this way you receive exactly what you had in mind.

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At what time of the year should you offer promotional mouse pads?

Custom mouse pads are gifts that are always appreciated and go everywhere. Whether you want to offer them for the big holidays of the year such as Christmas, back to school or for an event you are going to attend like a trade show, this promotional object that can display your logo or the name of your company will always have an effect.

Promotional events such as trade shows are also a great time to offer a promotional mouse pad since you will meet potential customers. You will need to create a link with them, giving them a way to remember you. The customisable promotional mousepad will be a very strategic way to make them remember you every time they use their computer.

What are the advantages of offering personalised mouse pads to your collaborators?

The customisable advertising mouse pad is more than just a promotional item; it is a tool that will be used on a daily basis. As an example, a custom mouse pad with an induction charger not only allows you to work on your computer, but also to recharge your mobile device within easy reach.

No need to look for an outlet for 10 minutes to finally forget your smartphone because it was charging out of your sight. With a promotional mousepad with charger, you optimise your working time and avoid leaving with a empty phone.

Of course, apart from the technological aspect that a mouse pad can have, there is also the promotional side which is interesting. You have the possibility to stay in the field of view of your customers or prospects each time they are at the office. It's a simple yet effective technique to maximize your visibility.

Furthermore, the price is a major advantage, since the creation of a branded mouse pad will not explode your budget. It will allow you to advertise at a low price, so why deprive yourself of this formidable weapon of communication.

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