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Personalised parking disks

A parking disk or clock disk displays the time that a car was parked, allowing for time-restricted free parking under the disk-parking system. These personalised parking disks not only demonstrate the thoughtfulness of the giver, but also provide a practical benefit to the recipient. For example, personalised parking disks may allow them to enter a secure parking area more easily, and allow them to park somewhere closer to your business. Personalised parking disks can serve as a great reminder of their relationship with the gifting organisation and be used over and over again when visiting the premises. Get a free digital mock-up today, by placing an order or enquiring with us!
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Custom parking disks 

With the right parking disk, owners can keep track of their vehicles and help ensure they don’t exceed their allotted parking time. They can be customized to feature an individual's name, company logo, or even a personal greeting. For companies that have multiple vehicles on site at a given time, custom parking disks make it easier to identify each vehicle quickly and easily. By giving employees designated parking spots with custom parking disks, employers can help ensure everyone is following the rules and staying organised. Having separate spaces for each vehicle also helps combat overcrowding in the area. Plus, they act as great marketing tools: when people see your company’s logo on the disk every day while they’re parked at work or out running errands, it helps build brand recognition and loyalty over time. Customised parking disks provide a practical solution to everyday problems while also acting as reminders of your company or brand each day they're used. Investing in parking disks customised with your logo will not only increase efficiency but also show your respect for customers and employees alike—making them the perfect all-around gift! 

Branded parking disks 

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to spread your company’s brand and further its reach? Branded parking discs are a great way to do that. Branded parking discs can be used as promotional items for both customers or employees. They can give away at events, display in store fronts, or even send out in mailers. By getting parking disks branded with your logo or slogan, you will garner more exposure for your business every time someone uses it to park their vehicle. Not only are branded parking disks an inexpensive form of advertising, but they also provide convenience. Especially in congested areas where meters and other payment systems exist that require frequent attention. Investing in company branded parking disks is an easy but powerful way to gain recognition for your business and strengthen its ties with customers. Order yours today directly here on our site, or give us a call if you would prefer to speak with a product specialist!

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