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Wholesale trucker hats

Trucker hats have been around for more than fourty years and are a modern staple when it comes to hats. At Loopper, we provide wholesale trucker hats at wholesale or in limited quantities if you?re looking for a smaller amount. Trucker hats are like baseball caps but with a unique difference in that they often come with a mesh backing. You can get your trucker hats branded with your company logo or message. That way you?re always in the forefront of your client?s consciousness as they hit the streets in your branded hats on sunny days.

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Who should I give customisable trucker caps to?

The big advantage of wholesale trucker hats is that they fit everyone. You can offer them when summer is approaching to allow your employees or partners to protect themselves from the sun's rays, while letting their head breathe through the net that covers the back of the head. You can also offer it at other times of the year, because customisable trucker caps remain a fashion accessory that work well in every season.

Depending on your typical customer, you will be able to choose a trucker cap personalised with your logo or the name of your company, along with 4 different colours and 3 different models. This way, you can easily find the branded trucker cap that best suits your needs.

Why not offer this promotional cap to the children of your partners or employees? We often think of giving gifts directly to clients or prospects but much less to their children, whereas this strategy can have an even greater impact since it will demonstrate your interest in them.

On what occasions do you offer personalised trucker caps?

Promotional events are very good opportunities to offer but also to wear branded trucker caps, especially if the event takes place outdoors. For example, you can wear this type of cap if you are the organizer of an outdoor trade show or an advertising campaign such as a meeting, which will bring together all the people present.

You can also offer trucker caps for all kinds of sports activities. Whether it is hiking, tennis or something else, it will be a useful promotional product for you, but also for the people who will wear it.

The promotional trucker cap is often used for election campaigns, allowing you to broadcast a message, the name of a candidate etc... and thus show your support for the chosen person.

This promotional object is therefore very versatile, allowing you to boost your visibility and brand image simply, but it will also help you with your teams by bringing them together around a strong message visible to all.

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