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Personalised speakers 

Loopper offers a variety of personalised speakers ranging from affordable priced items to more premium items. Personalised speakers can be used to listen to music in the park or even during the festivities when you are cooking up a roast in the kitchen. Our selection of speakers has a variety of different uses and cool extra specs, so take a look below at our assortment. With every order or enquiry, we offer a free digital sample. This way, we can make sure that you receive a product just as you had imagined it.
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Custom speakers 

The size of the speaker should also be taken into account, as well as its features. Smaller custom speakers are great for those with limited space, while larger speakers may offer greater sound quality and range. Additionally, you’ll want to investigate whether or not the speaker offers additional features such as Bluetooth connectivity or voice control capabilities. Another factor to consider when purchasing custom speakers is budget. While certain models may have high-end features and technologies, they can come with a hefty price tag. Finding a model that fits within your budget while still providing quality sound performance is key when selecting the right gift. You’ll be glad to know that Loopper carries speakers for all budgets, so there is always something for everyone. Evaluating factors such as size and features of the speaker and staying within budget will help ensure that your gift selection is both practical and meaningful - something even the pickiest of recipients will love! 

Branded speakers 

When it comes to creating unforgettable events, having branded speakers at the venue can make a huge difference. Branded speakers are now becoming increasingly popular among event planners and business owners, as they offer an effective way of promoting their brand while providing high-quality audio solutions at the same time. Branded speakers come in all shapes and sizes, from small and portable to large, multi-speaker systems perfect for outdoor events. They can be customised with logos, images or any other graphic that reflects your brand. In addition to the aesthetic value that branded speakers provide, they are a great marketing tool as well. Having your logo displayed prominently on a speaker system ensures that everyone who attends your events remember it long after it's over. This type of advertising has proven to be highly effective; studies show that 94% of consumers take action after seeing branded signage or messaging at an event or retail store. Ultimately, company branded speakers are one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your brand while also providing top-notch audio solutions for events or day-to-day use. Investing in a set of quality speakers branded with your logo can help you create powerful impressions with both potential customers and existing clients alike.

Printed speakers 

Printed speakers are the perfect corporate gift for any occasion. They provide an eye-catching, unique way to show your appreciation and solidify relationships with clients and colleagues alike. Printed speakers from Loopper are the ultimate choice for anyone looking to add a personal touch to their corporate gifting. Not only do speakers printed by us at Loopper look great, but they’re also incredibly practical. Whether you’re using them in the office or at home, these high-quality speakers offer great sound quality, and most come equipped with Bluetooth technology that makes streaming music and other audio easier than ever. With a sleek design that fits anywhere, these speakers with print are perfect for companies who want to make an impression with their corporate gifts. On top of offering great features and technology, our team at Loopper makes it easy to personalise your speakers with logos or messages of your choice. This allows you to give your colleagues and customers something truly special they can take wherever they go – a personalised gift like no other! You can even customise multiple printed speakers in bulk orders so that everyone gets one featuring their own name on it. 

Speakers with logo 

Handing out speakers with logo printing helps in building brand recognition by making people familiar with the company’s logo and tagline. It ensures that people instantly recognise the brand whenever they come across it in future interactions. Furthermore, these giveaways also help spread positive word-of-mouth about the company as people tend to talk about valuable gifts they have received from someone else’s business. In today's digital age, where virtual meetings have become commonplace due to remote working conditions, having custom speakers with logo printing can add another dimension of professionalism while communicating online. In addition, gifting such merchandise will show appreciation towards employees or business partners for their hard work and dedication which further strengthens trust between two parties involved. Therefore, ordering promotional products such as speakers with company logo printing is an effective way to advance your corporate image at a relatively low cost compared to other advertising methods. 

Wholesale speakers 

Adding speaker merchandise to your store with your logo is a great way to expand your reach and build brand awareness. Not only does it make it easy for customers to show their support for your business, but it can also be a great source of income. Ordering wholesale speakers from Loopper allows you to customise the products that you offer in your store, giving them an extra personal touch and making them unique to your brand. It also provides an additional promotional tool, allowing you to spread the word about your business through physical items. With more people carrying using wholesale speakers with your logo on them, more people will become familiar with your brand and come into contact with what you offer. Having readily available speaker merchandise can help boost sales by providing more options for customers who want to support the cause. Additionally, you may find that by purchasing speakers wholesale and selling them allows you to tap into larger customer bases from other locations as well, giving a potential competitive edge in terms of income. By ordering and selling high quality wholesale speakers with personalised designs, customers will be able to easily recognize and remember the company’s name when looking for related services or products in the future. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using branded items as powerful marketing tools! 

Promotional speakers 

Not only do promotional speakers provide a quality sound experience for the recipient, but they also come with your custom logo or design, allowing you to create a personalised piece of merchandise that can be used to promote your brand. These promotional speakers are designed to last for long periods of time, and when gifted to other companies or colleagues, they will serve as an ongoing reminder of your appreciation or partnership. The recipients of these gifts can use the speakers in their homes and offices throughout the year for any occasion - from parties and gatherings to work meetings - which means that your brand will get plenty of exposure. Depending on the type of speaker you choose, it may even be compatible with smartphones, enabling your recipients to share their music wherever they go while showing off your logo. With these speakers for promotional use, you’re sure to make a lasting impression on business partners or staff members. Speakers’ promotional uses are vast; they're powerful marketing tools that ensure your company name and logo will remain in front of customers long after they have been given out.

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