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Personalised tissue boxes

Not only do these boxes add a touch of class to the office or workplace, but they also offer a practical solution for stocking up on tissues! These personalised tissue boxes can be used in a range of contexts, from corporate offices and boardrooms through to hotel lobbies and even retail stores. They provide an ideal way to promote your company brand or services across multiple locations, ensuring that everyone knows who you are. Additionally, personalised tissue boxes help organisations create more memorable customer experiences that enhance loyalty and drive sales growth over time. Want a free digital mock-up? Order or enquire today!

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Custom tissue boxes 

In the medical industry, custom tissue boxes can be used in clinics, hospitals and other healthcare settings. They provide a hygienic way to store tissues for individuals receiving medical care, as well as making it easier for staff to access tissues when needed. Custom tissue boxes can also be used in waiting rooms or reception areas to provide patients with easy access to tissues while they wait. In the hospitality industry, customised tissue boxes are great for hotels, resorts and restaurants. They can be designed with the company's logo and colours to match the aesthetic of the establishment and will help guests feel comfortable and welcome while still providing them with a convenient way to obtain tissues if needed. Tissue boxes customised with your logo can also be used as giveaway items for promotions and events. Companies can distribute them at trade shows or conventions to promote their brand and increase public awareness about their products and services. They can also be used as promotional gifts to reward loyal customers or employees with something special! 

Branded tissue boxes 

While custom printing on tissue boxes has been around for decades, new technologies have allowed businesses to create more eye-catching designs that truly stand out. One of the primary reasons for the increased popularity of branded tissue boxes is the fact that they are relatively inexpensive. This makes them an attractive option for smaller businesses that want to increase their brand exposure without breaking the bank. Additionally, with Loopper, these products can be ordered in bulk and delivered quickly, which allows companies to create an effective promotional campaign without having to wait too long. Another trend when it comes to branded tissue boxes is the use of digital printing processes. These processes allow businesses to produce multi-coloured graphics with higher accuracy and fewer costs than ever before. Furthermore, more detailed images can also be printed onto tissue boxes with this method, making tissue boxes branded with your designs, even more eye-catching and memorable than before. Want to get started? Order or request an offer today!

Printed tissue boxes 

Our printing team has decades of experience in creating beautiful yet practical products such as printed tissue boxes. With every project, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations through superior design work, attention to detail, and excellent customer service. We ensure that our printed tissue boxes will be the highest quality available on the market today. With us, you can easily give your business partners or customers something special while still staying within your budget. Whether it’s corporate events or private functions, our tissue boxes printed with your logo are sure to impress anyone who sees them. Ordering from Loopper means receiving premium quality products with minimal effort required from you - no need for extra trips to the store or overcoming obstacles when looking for something special! So why wait? Give your business relations an unforgettable gift with one of our tissue boxes with print today! 

Tissue boxes with logo 

As a business, it is important to make sure that your office and waiting room provide a welcoming experience for visitors. Investing in tissue boxes with logo printing on them is an easy yet effective way to do this. Not only will those tissue boxes make a statement about the quality of your business, but they can also help create a more comfortable atmosphere for customers and clients. Adding these small details to an office or waiting room can have a positive impact on how visitors perceive your business. Tissue boxes with logo printing show that you care about providing high-quality service and creating a pleasant atmosphere for guests. This attention to detail lets visitors know that their comfort is valued, which can make them more likely to return in the future. Placing the box strategically close to the seating area helps ensure that guests never need to search around for tissues while they wait. Having tissues so readily available is especially helpful during times when people may be dealing with seasonal allergies or colds and need access to tissues quickly. So add an extra level of convenience to your office, and order tissue boxes with company logo printing from Loopper! 

Wholesale tissue boxes 

Not only are wholesale tissue boxes more economical, but they can provide convenience for businesses too. Businesses may require large quantities of tissues during busy times, like the holiday season or when hosting big events. Ordering wholesale tissue boxes means that all those needs can be met at once without having to worry about running out too quickly or spending time and money on regular restocking trips. Ordering tissue boxes wholesale from Loopper also come with added benefits like custom branding opportunities. Businesses can take advantage of having their logo printed on each box – giving them visibility, recognition and adding another layer of professionalism to their brand identity. Overall, ordering wholesale tissue boxes in bulk is an ideal choice for businesses seeking convenience and cost-efficiency. With Loopper, businesses can benefit from quick turnaround times, competitive prices and quality products – helping them save money, while still meeting customer demands efficiently. 

Promotional tissue boxes 

The final result of gifting promotional tissue boxes is increased brand visibility and a customers’ feeling that they are appreciated by their business counterparts. These promotional tissue boxes offer an accessible way to spread the word about a company's products or services, while also developing relationships with current clients and potential customers. It is also beneficial as it gives companies a chance to show appreciation towards staff and colleagues through thoughtful gifts that will not go unnoticed. The thoughtfulness and courtesy associated with tissue box promotional gifts makes them perfect for the corporate world. They can easily be passed around during meetings, which will help promote your company while also providing useful functionality throughout the process. Ultimately, this makes tissue boxes a win-win situation. Ultimately, tissue boxes for promotional use offer corporate customers an easy and cost-effective way to communicate their message through physical advertisement materials while increasing loyalty and appreciation at the same time - all wrapped up in one gift!

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