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Personalised bathrobes 

Offer your clients and customers the ultimate experience in your spa, hotel or in their own bathroom, by ordering personalised bathrobes. Personalised bathrobes give your company that ultimate professional look. Whether you are looking for cheap bathrobes or are looking to splurge on luxury printed bathrobes, Loopper helps you find what you need. We understand that you would like to see how your logo or text would look on your product. This is why we offer a free digital sample with every order and enquiry, so place one today!
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Custom bathrobes 

The most common materials used for custom bathrobes are cotton, terry cloth and fleece. Cotton offers a lightweight feel with a classic look; terry cloth is known for its absorbency; and fleece adds an air of luxury. Depending on how you want the recipient to feel when wearing the robe or the intended use of the item, select the material accordingly. In addition to the fabric type, you'll want to pay special attention to colour selection. This will depend largely on personal preference; however, it’s often best to stick with neutral colours such as white, black or grey unless you have prior knowledge about their taste in fashion or home decor preferences. If you're unsure about which colour would suit best for your purpose, it's always safe to go with one of those three options. Finally, consider customisation options like embroidery or silk-screening if you'd like to personalise your gift even more. This could include initials or names of recipients on the pocket or sleeve area of the robe, or even your hotel’s logo - something special that they can keep as a reminder from their experience with your company! By taking these factors into consideration when selecting custom bathrobes for gifting purposes, you can make sure your gift will be perfect for any occasion! 

Branded bathrobes 

The latest trend in bathrobe branding is to get custom-made robes that are tailored specifically to the needs of businesses, company owners, and purchasers. With this method, your bathrobe can be designed with a particular logo or message, allowing you to promote your brand while also providing customers with a luxurious and comfortable item. Branded bathrobes don’t have to be expensive either; there are many options at Loopper for those who want to provide their customers with the utmost quality in every purchase. For instance, companies can choose from various fabrics – such as lightweight terry cloth – that offer superior comfort and style. They can also add personal touches such as embroidery or initials printed on the pocket, making them even more unique. Additionally, companies may opt for larger sizes if they’re looking for branded bathrobes that will fit everyone in their organisation. Do you have any questions about getting bathrobes branded? That’s what we are here for! Simply, give us a call or send us an email.

Printed bathrobes 

Our printed bathrobes are designed with attention to detail and comfort in mind. Our large selection of colours, styles, fabrics, and sizes ensures that you get the perfect fit for your desired look and feel. We understand how important it is to make a great impression when presenting gifts to other companies or business relations, so we strive to provide our customers with unique printed bathrobes that will stand out from everything else on the market. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to create a design solution tailored specifically to your needs. For added convenience, Loopper also offers an online ordering system so you can get what you need quickly and easily. We provide fast turnaround times meaning no more waiting months for your order! Whether you’re looking for something classic or modern, Loopper has something that will suit your needs perfectly! So if you’re in search of top-quality bathrobes with print for yourself or someone else, make sure to check out what Loopper has in store today! 

Bathrobes with logo 

Having your hotel’s logo on its bathrobes is an excellent way to promote your business and the services that you provide. It’s also a great way to give your customers an extra sense of comfort and security when using these complimentary items. When guests wear these bathrobes with logo printing, they become instantly associated with your brand, as well as feeling special for having a personalised product. This is essential in creating loyalty among existing customers, and can be helpful in advertising to potential new visitors too. People are more likely to choose a hotel that offers such small details over one that doesn’t, especially when the competition is fierce. Bathrobes with logo printing are not just great for marketing purposes, but they also add a sense of style to the space. Having these products in the bathroom or bedroom adds vibrancy and luxury. If everyone who visits your establishment knows how much attention was paid to small details such as this, then it’s possible to build further trust amongst them due to the fact that you take pride in providing superior quality products. 

Wholesale bathrobes 

Creating a branded bathrobe merchandise line for your store can be an excellent way to boost your company’s image and presence in the marketplace. Our wholesale bathrobes can give customers a unique, comfortable, and luxurious experience that will set your brand apart from competitors. With an impressive selection of styles, materials, and colours available, you can tailor the product to meet individual customer needs while also providing an unparalleled level of comfort and luxury. Not only do our wholesale bathrobes make customers feel special, but they can also provide a lasting impression of quality and excellence. Potential customers are likely to remember your store even after they have left if they enjoyed their experience wearing a high-quality bathrobe. Moreover, ordering bathrobes wholesale is also great conversation starters that help your existing clientele show off their loyalty towards your brand. Our bathrobes for wholesale are easy to customise with logos and slogans so that potential customers know right away what store or business is offering those products. This creates greater customer recognition for your brand which is invaluable for achieving long-term success in any industry. 

Promotional bathrobes 

The final result of gifting promotional bathrobes is a memorable product that will last for years to come. The soft material combined with the intricate embroidery makes these items extremely special. Whether you have chosen to customise it with a company logo or an inspirational quote, these personalised pieces will bring joy and comfort to the recipient. Not only are promotional bathrobes great as gifts, but they can also be used as marketing tools. Giving out bathrobe promotional gifts is ideal for corporate events such as trade shows or client meetings - not only do they look professional, but their cosy warmth adds an extra touch of class and sophistication. With promotional bathrobes being made from high-quality materials such as terry cloth, fleece and more, recipients can rest assured that their gift is both durable and comfortable. So give your corporate acquaintances the gift of comfort, with bathrobes for promotional use from Loopper!

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