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Face masks for companies

To avoid any confusion, we would like to explain the differences in the face masks that are out there today. Apart from how they look, masks differ in function. The most important difference is medical (which are in high demand by medical related bodies) and non-medical masks. This has to do with the quality of the filter inside the mask to keep the internal leak rate low. The difference is just a matter of a few percentage.

<<< Important; our masks are non-medical >>>

Disposable face masks

3 ply disposable masks 

The 3-layer mouth cap with integrated nose braces can be easily adapted to the shape of the nose. The rounded ear straps offer an excellent fit and pleasant wearing comfort. Ideally, the mask should cover the entire mouth and nose area so that all breathing air can be filtered. A 3-ply disposable mask is perfect for civilian use and protection of Covid-19 if used correctly.

KN95 face mask

KN95 masks

The protective mask in the shape of a shell ensures a pleasant climate underneath the mask and a high level of comfort during longer wearing times. In contrast to masks with a valve, this FFP2 mask without valve filters not only the inhaled air, but also the exhaled air. This makes the mouth mask equally suitable for your own and others' protection. The KN95 face mask consists of high-quality nonwovens and adjustable nose wire, it fits any face shape perfectly.

Custom made face masks Custom made masks

The reusable custom-made mask is a great way to convey a message of your brand and can be used to wear over a protective face mask. The mask can be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees with normal detergent. It is made of soft and comfortable polyester and cotton spandex.

Note: in contrary off the masks above, this mask does not contain any filter at all. Use of a filtered mask for full protection.

Face mask strapsFace mask strap 

Some people use an elastic band to lock the mask at the back of their head to releave irritation behind the ears. A face mask strap allows masks to be worn comfortably for long periods of time. The band has small hooks to hold on to the straps of a mask tightly, relieving pain or discomfort.

Why wear masks?

The Coronavirus is a virus which is transmitted through droplets from the nose and throat. If an infected person coughs or sneezes those airborn droplets could infect a person standing close. Protective masks act as an air filter. Before air is inhaled it will get ‘sucked’ through filters, which will help to block large-particle droplets, splashes, sprays or splatter that may contain viruses and bacteria. The differences between protective masks are the minimum aerosol filtration and the internal leak rate. The latter is the number of droplets filtered and how much air ‘leaks’ because of the loose fit between the edge of the mask and the face.

What role will masks play in the future?

Masks are already integrated in Asian culture. When anyone is sick, they put on a mask to make sure they do not infect others. It is a social courtesy. Whether that will be the case in the west, only time will tell. Masks are now used all over Europe as a means to slow down the spread of Coronavirus cases. With mandates coming from governments of every country, protective masks are becoming a must-have for employees. They will be needed when traveling to and from work and maybe even be mandatory whilst working, depending on the sector.

How do companies deal with regulations and face masks?

Here are a few examples of what other companies are doing:

  1. Encourage your employees to work from home or work in shifts if needed
  2. Provide masks to employees that travel with public transport
  3. Provide masks to your staff that work in close contact sectors like retail, hospitality and restaurant/bars
  4. Provide clear regulations in the office or work space