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ABS Li-polymer power bank 5000mAh

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ABS Li-polymer power bank with a capacity of 5000mAh, input of 5V/1000mA, and output of 1500mA/2100mA/5V. Includes 5 blue LED power indication lights and a white USB/micro USB cable (approx. 32 cm), suitable for most devices.


Weight 162.0000
Length 12.2 cm.
Height 1.1 cm.
Width 7.2 cm.
Article number 228892


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Amount Unprinted 1 Colours 2 Colours 3 Colours 4 Colours
25 Pieces EUR 9,71 -- -- -- --
50 Pieces EUR 9,52 EUR 10,17 EUR 10,69 EUR 11,22 EUR 11,74
100 Pieces EUR 9,39 EUR 9,92 EUR 10,32 EUR 10,73 EUR 11,13
250 Pieces EUR 9,06 EUR 9,56 EUR 9,93 EUR 10,31 EUR 10,68
500 Pieces EUR 8,94 EUR 9,41 EUR 9,75 EUR 10,10 EUR 10,44
1000 Pieces EUR 8,74 EUR 9,18 EUR 9,49 EUR 9,81 EUR 10,12


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