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Custom power banks

Custom Power banks

Can you imagine a time without Powerbanks, where you could have the risk of finding yourself without phone battery when you need it most. Nowadays it’s a product that is unmissable. Powerbanks are ideal to us when travelling and perfect for that festival where electricity is a luxury. Our power banks differ from capacity. Some power a full phone battery where others can power a whole laptop battery with ease. Brand these power banks with your logo, we have a broad selection, ranging from cheap to luxurious products. Order directly or send in an offer request, we are happy to help and always offer a free digital mock-up.

Digital mock-up

In order to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for with your branded pens, our team of talented graphic designers will prepare a digital proof of your logo design on the bag of your choice. The mock-up that shows you how your logo will look like on the product is free of charge so no stress if you are not completely sure about the design.

Delivery time

Once an order has been placed, it will always be delivered as soon as possible. If you are dealing with a fast deadline, or prefer an urgent delivery, please let us know from day one. Our account managers are always happy to help you with your deadline and the right delivery times. We always strive to meet your deadline and deliver your custom printed bags as soon as possible.