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Custom power banks

Looking for a unique way to make your brand stand out? Then the custom power bank is right for you. They can be personalised with your logo, and a free mock-up will be delivered to you within an hour. If the product is in stock, they can be shipped very quickly to meet your needs. Call 020-5045713 or send us an e-mail at
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4 stars: good service, well treated
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5 stars: perfect, definitely recommended

Custom power banks with logo

Can you imagine a time without Power banks, where you could have the risk of finding yourself without phone battery when you need it most? Nowadays, power banks are fundamental. They are a must when travelling and perfect for that festival where electricity is a luxury. The custom power banks you can find on Loopper differ from capacity, design and materials. Some power a full phone battery where others can power a whole laptop battery with ease. Brand these power banks with your logo, we have a broad selection, ranging from cheap to luxurious products. Order directly or send in an offer request, we are happy to help and always offer a free digital mock-up.

Solar power banks

At Loopper we are very sensitive to environmental issues and sustainability and therefore we offer many eco-friendly products. By going on this page, you will find one of the most sustainable items you can find in our website: solar power banks. These devices will allow you to charge your technological devices everywhere, all you need is just a bit of sunlight to charge the power bank when it is out of battery. Custom solar power bank are ideal gadgets to give away during summer and at outdoor festivals: in fact, since they have your logo on them, you will expose your brand to a large number of people during these kind of events. Contact us and we will assist you in every request.

Wireless power banks

On the market there are different kind of of power banks to charge your technological devices on the go and in this section you can find the wireless ones you can find on Looper. As you can deduct from their name, you can basically use them wirelessly in full comfort: just place the phone on it and you're done! By giving them away as promotional gifts, they will be widely appreciated. Thanks to Loopper, you can not only order large quantities of wireless power banks, but you can also customize them as you wish. Order them immediately or request a quote and we will send you a digital mockup to see how they will look like with your logo or message on them.

Digital mock-up of custom power banks

We want to deliver you the products exactly as you wished. In order to do so, we need you to approve the design before starting the production. This means that, after you made a request or order, we will send you a digital mockup of the design: if you think that something need to be changed, tell us and we will edit with no problems at all!

Delivery time of wholesale power banks

We try as best as we can to always deliver your products as soon as possible and within the timeframe that was agreed when you placed the order. If you are dealing with a fast deadline, or prefer an urgent delivery, please let us know from day one.

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