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Sanitizer - black

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Most offensive odor of shoes and feet comes from bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus which may be a cause of food poisoning as well. They eat organic material from sweat and dead skin in the process of proliferating, and excrete gas which is the offensive odor. PEDIC kills these bacteria so that nothing can generate gas any more. It is important to use PEDIC every day to keep your shoes sanitized. We see an opportunity for a brand to be seen over and over again.


Weight 240.0000
Length 16 cm.
Height 4.1 cm.
Width 6.5 cm.
Dimensions 180 x 70 x 70
Material Plastic & Metal
Packaging Plastic tube
Article number 253873


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Amount Unprinted 1 Colours 2 Colours 3 Colours 4 Colours
10 Pieces EUR 45,22 -- -- -- --
25 Pieces EUR 43,77 EUR 44,51 EUR 44,91 EUR 45,32 EUR 45,72
50 Pieces EUR 43,18 -- -- -- --
100 Pieces EUR 41,19 EUR 41,90 EUR 42,30 EUR 42,71 EUR 43,11
250 Pieces EUR 40,60 EUR 41,26 EUR 41,64 EUR 42,01 EUR 42,39
500 Pieces EUR 39,72 -- -- -- --


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