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Did you miss an important goal because you had to refill your beer just at that critical moment? We feel you, especially during a World Cup match. For the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Grolsch sought to avoid this problem and asked Loopper to design and produce a mini fridge which would easily fit in smaller spaces like a living room. Next to the fact that these mini-fridges could be bought on the Grolsch web shop, it was also part of a give-away action. Every single hour from May 26 till June 6 a customer got the chance of winning the mini-fridge.


Tin plates

Who does not know them, the iconic tinplates from Grolsch? They can be found in various pubs and clubs all over Europe for many years now. At the request of Grolsch, Loopper Special Projects produced various models that can easily be put on a wall and look awesome.