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Boni supermarkt contacted Loopper Special Projects with a challenging assignment. To create a nice promotion for children, within a short period of time. Loopper starting working on it right away and within 6 weeks they were able to start the Paracords projects. Customers of Boni would receive a nice giftpack with two meters of Paracord robe and a buckle, with each 15 euro they would spend in the store. With the help of the instruction brochure and several Youtube instruction movies, children could learn how to make beautiful bracelets.

Boni currently has 44 supermarkets. In order to supply all these supermarkets with the Paracords, Loopper has produced 1.5 million Paracords in 20 different colors. In addition to the concept development and the production, Loopper also supported Boni with developing the POS material.