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Custom made

Special projects

Loopper is a jack of many trades when it comes to products. We are widely known for branding promotional products, giveaways and business gifts, but we also develop and produce brand new premium products and merchandise. Name it. We can produce it.
When it comes to our special projects department we take care of all aspects of the process. Starting with concept creation up to production in our factory in China and transport. Our creative team is always up to date with all developments happening in the world and all markets. This way we always supply our clients with original concepts fitting for them. To give you an idea what we are capable of we present you some completed projects on this page.

Borussia Dortmund

Club merchandise
Mascot Emma
Premium sets


Big premium production
Nivea bamboo cups
The Nivea beach ball


Merchandise en corporate apparel
Performance jackets
Beach towels


Premiums en hospitality items
WC Minibar
Tin plates


3D puzzle BMW building
Typical Amsterdam keychains

Bayern München

Club merchandise
Football shirt clock


Supermarket promotions
Paracords action
POS materials

Royal Canin

Gadgets for cats and dogs
Personalized food trays
Brain trainers


Premiums en hospitality items
Menuholder and coaster holder