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Custom shopping bags

Get your customized shopping bag with logo here. If you are seeking a unique give away option for clients and events, then look no further than Loopper. We possess high quality bags that you can purchase on a budget or spend a little more and get premium items. They are loads of options for you to choose from. Custom shopping bags are available with various printing options and can be delivered quickly. Get your promotional item today and contact us for a free quote. The items are available in several materials which are mainly; cotton, non-woven, jute, paper and polyester. If you are interested in knowing all the options that we can deliver, let us know and our account managers will gladly assist you. The custom shopping bag printing options vary as well. There are several techniques like silk-, tampon-, pad- or digital printing and they all have there own pro's and con's. Even logo embroidery is possible on some of the bags.

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How do you personalise your shopping bag?

Marketing is one of the essential elements of the commercial strategy of any company. And all proactive marketing experts agree that the use of promotional objects, highlighting your activity or business, is one of the most effective methods with proven results. Everyday objects, such as cups, pens and bags, on which advertising messages and logos can be printed, are therefore excellent methods to make your business known to the general public. There are many advantages to promotional, custom shopping bags.

Customised shopping bags are extremely versatile and can be used by everyone. Whether it's to take sunscreen to the beach, buy fruits and vegetables at the market, go on a picnic with the family, or even carry a laptop, a branded shopping bag is a space-saving object that always finds its use... in all circumstances... and of course, your logo will be all the more seen!

Another advantage is that the messages printed on these bags are highly visible and allow you to make the general public aware of you and your activity. Shopping bags with logo are thus popular because their dimensions (30 x 40 cm on average) make them particularly suitable for promoting your activity or company: at the market, in the street, on public transport, trade fairs or other places, the shopping bag is a nice showcase at low cost.

Our personalised shopping bag

Our branded shopping bags are available in several sizes and colours and are also very easy to customise. They are available in several materials: aluminium, cotton 250g/m2, cotton, EVA, jute, non-woven 120g, nylon, Oxford, paper 130g/m2, paper, plastic, polyester, PP, PVC and cotton twill. You can also customise them by choosing long handles, short handles or even reinforced ones. Finally, we can offer you more technical items as well, such as our folding basket and our isothermal cart. This 600D polyester shopping basket on wheels is supplied with an aluminum frame and handle, including an isothermal compartment. Whatever custom shopping bag you want, you are sure to find it at Loopper.

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